In fact, it gets 150,000 shoppers a month. That’s plenty of customers who can purchase your stuff. There are more than 182 million shoppers on the site.

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  • However, the Popular Shop plan costs $29.99/month, and it allows you to create up to 1,000 active listings without any listing fees .
  • EBay isn’t limited specifically to artisans or handcrafted items, as you can sell really anything on eBay, barring a few prohibited categories.
  • If you search art prints, you will see many sellers with more than 1000 reviews, which means that they have had plenty of sales.
  • Benjamin Levin is a digital marketing professional with 4+ years of experience with inbound and outbound marketing.
  • Some people don’t want to have to pay $0.20 every time they list an item – after all, there’s no guarantee that the item will sell.
  • According to founder Marcello De Lio in an interview about his project, Just Artisan made $15k in sales in December 2020, with very little advertising.

After that, you need to pay £0.15 plus VAT per item. Or to get more free listings, you can pay for a membership plan. It’s called Folksy Plus and costs £5 a month, including VAT. Now, you do have to pay $5 a month to be a member of the site. There’s also a $50 a year plan that saves you $10 annually.

What Are Art Prints?

The people in Etsy are ignorant for this and it is a shame for allowing them to open shops on Etsy. I guess they do not understand the word mass production…. What is the new site that you post a picture and they do the description of the item and they charge when sold.

US averages over 100 hotels in sandy and Australia likewise. I really can’t afford to spend more at the moment, but with this, I average 1-2 orders per month. Doesn’t sound a lot but I have to handmake the products so average time spend 1-2 weeks for med size or 3-4 weeks for larger size products.

Since you aren’t doing as much work on Society6 as you would on Etsy, you only keep 10% of the sales. That being said, artists can set their own prices above the standard 10% for art prints, framed prints, and canvas prints. Also, the commission fees per sale are much higher than Etsy’s. ArtFire charges between 12.75 percent and 14.75 percent, depending on your plan. Folksy is a UK-based site for selling online crafts. Unlike Etsy, it does not allow reselling — so all sellers are artists selling their own crafts.

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That’s a lot of customers that you can get your crafts in front of. Or if you’re just starting out in your career selling stuff, you might be wanting to review your options before just going with Etsy. With more than 45 million buyers on Etsy, it’s not hard to see why many people choose to sell their handmade goods on there. ICraft Gifts, or simply iCraft, has been around for over a decade. Its mission is to help handmade sellers and artisans excel. Prices start at just $4/month for 16 active listings.

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I recently experimented with adding art prints to my Etsy shop. Although I would love to say that it’s a huge success, I sadly haven’t sold any yet. However, I know that as I add more listings, they will sell eventually.

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Your products won’t get lost in the crowd. Etsy is essentially one big store with all sellers competing for customers. If you’re selling a necklace for example, then that necklace is going to appear among hundreds of others that are being sold on the platform. That’s not the case with Big Cartel since you can set up your own store. While listing stuff for sale on there is free, you do need to pay 10% commission when your stuff sells.

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Give these sites like Etsy a try and start making money selling your handmade items, artwork, crafts, and vintage goods online. You do have to pay a monthly fee to use the site. Depending on the membership plan you choose, this ranges from $4.95 to $19.95 a month. You can try out the site for free for 30 days though to see if it’s for you.

So that’s a higher commission rate than Etsy’s. You still have to pay 3.5% commission when your stuff sells, but that’s less than Etsy’s 5% fee. And since Bonanza isn’t as well known a site as Etsy, you may find that there are fewer customers on the platform. You also won’t have to deal with listing fees, commissions, shipping commissions, and other problems that Etsy has. It also allows you to market your products and reach a lot more people. However, the Popular Shop plan costs $29.99/month, and it allows you to create up to 1,000 active listings without any listing fees .

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